SMS - The SCAD Wet Ride

SCAD Mega Splash is a REAL free fall system, consisting of a an impressive 4 column tower, an airtube framed double net and a shallow pool in the centre of the tower.

Riders use a lifted cabin to get to the tower top. The people who wish to experience more then the panoramic view, will be connected to a release system in a very comfortable controlled free fall harness. In this harnesss it is impossible to change the body position during the entire free fall under any circumstances.
The double net has soaked up water in the pool and is lifted into catching position at 10 m height in the centre of the tower.

After a short countdown the rider will be released and starts free falling over 22 metres, unattached and undisturbed.

The rider then drops very softly into the huge double net, just like into a cushion and without any impact. When the rider touches the net, millions of water drops explode into a cascade, soaking the customer from feet to head.
The combination of this amazing unattached free fall and the exciting big splash from your feet upwards, make SCAD Mega Splash a unique new highlight for any waterpark.

Highlights & Facts:

- first tower ride for waterparks
- efficient fail safe operation
- Hourly capacity of up to 60 customers
- Small footprint of 16x16 m/ 50 x 50ft
- TÜV approval / ASTM conformity
- Quick return on investment
- Operates with any SCAD modell

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