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MONTIC invents, designs and manufactures amusement rides for the unique individual experience. MONTIC towers are flexible in height and space requirements to fit any park concept. All rides are half automatic, require little maintenance and few staff.

  Technical Support
Serviceteam   Support

Our technical management and production team co-ordinates the manufacturing process, keeps customer deadlines, holds trainings and installs products worldwide.

Lager   Stahltechnik

Our production facilities include up-to-date CAD design, PE foam, textile, rubber and PVC coated texture elaboration and steel technology. Internal controls ensure constant quality of MONTIC products.

SchlossThe company, consisting of a team of creative constructors, event and leisure experts, was founded in 1993. MONTIC has dedicated it´s work and interest to future amusement, specializing in the invention and development of unique individual leisure rides.

After MONTIC has achieved international reputation as a quality leisure equipment manufacturer, SCAD® Diving was MONTIC´s first patented global invention in 1997.
TÜVMONTIC products represent the safety of classic rides, combined with the image of the latest trendy crazes. This combination represents an alternative in today´s amusement industry. All products are manufactured with the highest regard to safety, quality and efficiency, according to the valid international norms and German DIN regulations.

Besides our extensive internal quality controls, MONTIC products are sold only after they have passed inspection by Germanys No. 1 safety institution TÜV. The inspections focus on the entire system and it´s components and last up to several years. The tests involve inspection of g-forces, breaking loads, effects of constant operation, practical obstructions, static calculations, risk elimination analysis and emergency procedures.
SmileRide customers have increasingly developed a conciousness for individuality and personal challenge. The demand for adventure and thrill has grown into a new industry section over the last ten years. A one-by-one ride naturally has a lower throughput, but customers are prepared to pay a higher price for the individual experience.
After the ride, customers have that lasting feeling of happiness and personal achievement, which explains the success of one-by-one rides. MONTIC´s policy is aimed at the maximum of customer satisfaction, achieved by:

Safety - Service - Quality
The Scad Diving system is a product invented by MONTIC Hamburg and patent pending under German registration No. DE 196 48 675 A1 / 1996, patent registrated in all EU countries and the U.S.A. SCAD® is a registered trademark of MONTIC, Hamburg Copyright for all photos held by MONTIC, Hamburg.