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MONTIC´s hardware sales program offers equipment for high requirements to lifetime, weather resistance, safety features and quality, designed for extensive use.

MONTIC winch systems

Principally the winches are designed for the lowering process of the bungee jump. This means the cord shall be attached to a load point above the winch with a 2 m (7ft) or longer load sling. The winch cable shall have slack when jumping. After the jump the winch shall lift the jumper to take over the load and the load sling may be disconnected in order to begin the descend.

Both winch types are especially designed and built for the bungee operation. Their internal construction takes the use for personal transportation into account and there includes high safety coefficients in every part.  
K5 has the advantage of a fast manual operation in case of power loss.

P99 is faster, but slow in manual operation.

Speed Controlled Winches

This winch program includes a number of standart and custom winches, which are designed to operate large weights with controlled speed. The can be used for man baskets or to operate high loads under speeds exceeding 40 m (130ft ) per minute.

They are equipped with double brake system (two disc brakes) and frequency converters to smoothly start and stop a load. They fullfil all necessary requirements for lifting persons. The also include numerous inductive safety sensors.

Rubber cord

Elastic Rubber Cords

rubbers cords are manufactured under the highest available technical standart and include full BACK UP LINE, SOFT TEFLON COCOON suspended cord ends for cord endurance.

Back Up Airbags

The principle of these airbags is to provide an additional safety and protection during a ride. Once plugged in it will automatically
start inflating. When the deflate button is pressed it starts deflating and as soon as the deflate button is released, it automatically starts to inflate again. This feature allows persons to get to the ground safely, without having to get off an inflated airbag.

Airbag weight: 
60 kg / 130 lbs
12 x 12 x 5 ft / 3,5 x 3,5 x 1,5 m
Inflating speed (2 fans): 
30 sec
Deflating speed 3/4 (1 fan): 
20 sec
Power supply: 
4 KW, 110 V 2 phase, 40 Amp

Custom made sizes available.

CFF - Controlled free fall harness

The CFF is an invention by MONTIC designed to ensure a controlled free fall
to untrained persons. It consists of a comfortable shaped back rest, padded
with foam, as well as leg rest. These two sections of the harness have rigid forms built into the harness. The middle section is only foam and can be adjusted in lenght to fit any size person. (Children to Adults).

The CFF has two independed harness types in one: The free fall harness which is suspended onto the black cushioned carabiner (with back up sling) and the normal seat harness, which is connected to the D-ring. Both harnesses function independed from each eather.

The dressing of the harness is operator friendly, taking it off needs only seconds. The CFF was especially constructed to work with SCAD free fall rides.



All products are manufactured according to German safety standards and UIAA norms. MONTIC provides technical expertise for many operational tasks in the field of leisure transportation and safety. MONTIC products are distributed worldwide.

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