Mobile SCAD Dive kit SD 40

The mobile SCAD kit is a 3-component-system consisting of brake suspensions, rider cabin and a double airbag framed safety net. The mobile SCAD kit is highly flexible in its rigging options and can be suspended from a standard mobile crane, to the edge of a building or from an existing tower. The entire equipment fits into the back of a small van. The rider cabin is combined with the SCAD net and lifted at the same time.

A winch or crane lifts the cabin with one operator and up to 4 riders, dressed in the CFF harnesses, to the release level until the SCAD net is placed 40 ft above the ground. Then the first rider will be connected to the release system, comfortably seated in the harness. After a count down the rider will be released into free fall. The actual free fall is so long, that the rider experiences free fall at its best - completely unattached and undisturbed, but controlled by the CFF harness, which guarantees the correct body position and a safe landing under any circumstances.

The rider will drop into the huge airbag framed double net, which stops the fall gently. The rider will land backwards without any impact. The SCAD net is suspended on rubber shock absorbers and the large airbag tubes perform an excellent braking function. As soon as the fall has stopped, the entire SCAD is lowered to the ground to let the rider step out of the net, while the cabin with the remaining riders stops at 25 m above the ground, before it returns to release level to drop the next.

The SCAD net is supported by four main fixation ropes, which are connected to a ground weight at each corner, to keep the SCAD in place during windy weather conditions.

Technical data  
Ride capacity: 35 riders / h
Ground space: 16 x 16 m / 50 x 50 ft
Rec. ride price: $ 30 US
System height: 43 m / 141 ft
Power supply: 220 V / 1 Kw
Cabin capacity: 4 riders / 1operator
Staff: 2 - 4
Free fall distance: 22 m / 73 ft
Total weight: 800 kg / 1600 lbs
Suspension type: rubber cords
G-Force: 2,5 - 4 g
Safety coefficient: 12
Set up/down: 1 hour
Wind speed: 17m / s , 35 mph
Packing size: 3 x 4 x7 ft
Crane type: 50 - 70 ton crane w/ 4 ground weights 3- 500 kg each (600 - 1000 lbs)
Reg. replacements: rubber cords every 400 rides (550 US$), top net every 3 - 4000 rides (950 US$)
Additional features: Mega Splash Pool, Permanent set up enforcement frame, Customized tower fittings

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