SMT 40 - Mobile SCAD Tower

This is a mobile self supported telescopic tower structure, designed to accomodate a SCAD Dive SD 40 free fall system. The SCAD net is suspended from the tower feet by a mechnical spring system and is lifted by a four cable electric winch, located on one of the tower feet. It is designed for use at fairs and seasonal touristic operations, that donīt allow fixed installations.

This mobile tower is equipped with a centrally lifted rider cabin. Up to 4 riders enter the cabin on the ground to be lifted into release position. Inside the cabin riders are connected to the easy to dress free fall seat harness CFF. Here the first rider hooks onto the release system, before being lowered 3 feet underneath the cabin floor. Upon a countdown, the rider experiences free fall at it is best unattached and pure, but controlled by the CFF harness. The lowering and lifting process of the SCAD net each take only 15 seconds, while the next rider is prepared for release in the cabin.

The tower is transported on a 40 ft truck and small trailer with all components. The entire equipment has a weight of 24 tons. Once arrived on location, a crane lifts all 4 tower columns into a cross position on the ground, as well as the control platforms for the lift system. The tower tops are bolted together on the ground and all tower feet are connected to each other by steel cables. The crane now lifts the tower to a height of 43 m / 141 ft, where all telescopic connections lock themselves. They can not unlock under weight and for set down the procedure is carried out the same way in reverse.

The dual cable winch is powered by a high capacity motor winch system, certified for personal transportation. A music sound system is optionally recommended. All parts of the tower are manufactured with high quality according to DIN 4112, the stringent official German standard for amusement rides. The SCAD system is type approved by the German technical control board TUV and complies with the US ASTM standards. The decoration and features can be customized to meet customer-specific requirements.

Technical data  
Ride capacity: 60 to 80 riders / h
Footprint: 20 x 20 m / 66 x 66 ft
Rec. ride price: $ 30 US p. person
Total tower height: 43 m / 141 ft
Power Europe: 460 V / 16,5 Kw/ 70 Amp
Power US: 208 V / 16,5 kW/140 Amp
Capacity of cabin: 4 riders / 1 operator
Staff: 3-4
Free fall distance: 22 m / 73 ft ft
Weight: 24 tons
Suspension type: mechanical spring system
Set up time: 16 hours
Structure: telescopic truss
Wind speed: 20m / s , 35 mph
Set up support: mobile crane 90 ton / 4 hours, fork lift for assembly
Transportation: 40 ft truck and small trailer (not included)
Reg. replacements: springs every 6000 rides (3500 US$), top net every 3 - 4000 rides (950 US$)
Additional features: Mega Splash Pool, Skyride Belt System, Structure illumination Video and Soundsystem

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