SXT 10 - Small mobile REAL free fall tower

The SXT 10 system is a very flexible 40 ft (12m) real free fall tower, which requires very little space and its set up within a few hours. It is also available as 70 ft (20 m) version SXT20. It consists of a 16 x 16 ft (5 x 5 m) SCAD net structure and a small tower equipped with a staircase. It can also be set up without a tower to release riders into free fall from any other 40 - 70 ft structure or building. It is the perfect solution to enhance business of old ride towers.

The SCAD net is suspended from 4 small towers by a mechanical spring system and is lifted by a four cable hydraulic lift system, located between the tower feet. The lifting cables are diverted through those towers and drive the net up and down. The entire set up has a footprint of 21x 16 ft (5 x 7m).

Depending on how many riders can get to the release position of the main tower ramp, the hourly capacity can be up to 60. At the release ramp riders are connected to the easy to dress free fall seat harness CFF. Here the first rider hooks onto the release system. Upon a countdown, the rider experiences free fall at it is best unattached and pure, but controlled by the CFF harness. The lowering and lifting process of the SCAD net each take only 15 seconds, while the next rider is prepared for release on the release ramp.

All SXT models will be delivered with addtional safety features to back up operational errors of any kind, such as a large air cushion, control switches ramp gate with e-lock, slide rail to get rider into release position, triple cable suspension on each corner.

The SCAD is powered by a high capacity hydraulic lift system, certified for personal transportation. A music sound system is optionally recommended. All parts of the tower are manufactured to the highest quality according to DIN 4112, the stringent official German standard for amusement rides. The SCAD system is type approved by the German technical control board TUV and complies with the US ASTM standards.

Technical data SXT 10 SXT 20
Ride capacity: 60 riders / h 60 riders / h
Ground space: 5 x 7 m / 15 x 20 ft
7,5 x 10 m / 25 x 32 ft
Rec. ride price: $ 10 US $ 20 US
System height: 12 m / 40 ft 21 m / 70 ft
Power Europe:
400 V / 2,2 Kw/ 7 Amp
400 V / 2,2 Kw/ 7 Amp
Power US: 208 V / 2,2 kW/ 14 Amp or 400 V / 2,2 Kw / 7 Amp 208 V / 3,5 kW/ 26 Amp or 400 V / 3,5 Kw / 13 Amp
Staff: 2 2
Free fall distance: 7 m / 24 ft 12 m / 40 ft
Total weight: 3900 kg / 8000 lbs 8000 kg / 16000 lbs
Suspension type: mechanical spring system mechanical spring system
Structure: pipe pipe
SCAD system height: 4 m (13 ft) 8 m (26 ft)
G-Force: 2,5 - 4 g 2,5 - 4 g
Safety coefficient: 12 12
Set up/down: 6 hours 48 hours
Wind speed: 20 m/s , 35 mph 20 m/s , 35 mph
Reg. replacements:    
springs every 6000 rides 1200 US$ 1600 US$
top net every 3 - 4000 rides 400 US$
700 US$
Additional features: Mega Splash Pool, Skilift Mega Splash Pool, Skilift

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