SXT40 - Scad system for existing towers

The SXT system is a very flexible installation, which can be attached to any tower or high building. It can be custom designed to fit any structure and can either be equipped with the new mechanical spring system suspended from 4 small towers or without the small towers, suspended from rubber cords. Please see below for the two options available.

The SXT version requires 4 small support towers, which suspend the SCAD net on mechanical springs. The electric winch system is diverted through those towers and drives the net up and down. This version requires an existing tower structure or building, which must be equipped with stairs or an elevator in order to bring riders to the release point above the net. Ramps could also be custom made.

The SD is the lighter version, which requires a tower with a jib. This system is suspended from one point and is lifted by an electric winch system, located on the ground. The SD system uses a rider platform, which is lifted to the top together with the SCAD net. The SCAD net is suspended by rubber cords, which are subject to regular replacement (400 rides).