The P99 is designed for greater heights, wich require a faster operation speed with a high safety factor. The winch has a disc brake a swell as a self blocking gearbox, wich means that in the event of a brake problem, the winch will not move.
In the event of electricity loss, a manual handle can be applied to the winch motor and it can be driven manually. Due to the self blocking gearbox, the manual operation is very slow.

EG Type approved (CE)

Type P99 Snail gearbox selfblocking
Power 4 kW/3phase/480V
Motor rotations/min 1500
Lifting capacity 250 kg
Holding capacity 1000 kg
Speed 3450 m
Running time / 10 min. 60%
Brake Disc brake
Cable 10 mm (4500 kp min break force)
Weather protection IP54 outdoor use
Operation panel Non permanent Up/Down/Emergency Stop
Cable capacity 5. winding 55 m
Motor turning wheel slow lifting & controlled manual descend
Mounting space 338 mm x 485 mm
Width / length incl. motor 524 x 338 x 353 mm height


For some safety standards it may be required to install a completely independent back up system, that can catch the jumpers weight, if the winch broke mechanically. This safety back up can be performed by the Fallstop. While lowering the jumper on the bungee cord, the retractable cable is connected permanently to the end of the bungee cord.

Back Up Device complete back up for the entire winch
Cable length 40m retractable cable
Fallen energy reduction 6 kN

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