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Night time operation MONTIC Events can take place anywhere and are available for rentals worldwide.

Please ask our event management for operational requirements.

Check In Area

A MONTIC event offers:

  • Breathtaking attraction, that generates extra visitors for your event
  • Partcipation of your visitors.
  • The positive euphory transfers to your product/company
  • Excitement all day
Resort event

Free Climbing

  • Editorial press coverage about your event
  • MONTIC events are designed for leisure parks, city festivals, sports events, exhibitions, fairs, promotions and corporate events

Brand Campaigns

MONTIC products have been presented by brands like Diesel Jeans, Red Bull, Pepsi, Agfa Film and others. A campaign offers a direct and interactive access to a young target group with high brand awareness between 15 and 35 years.
Due to the unique character of our rides, they especially attract opinion leaders. The feeling of freedom, adventure and innovation is an ideal basis for a positive image transfer.

At large events, like festivals, MONTIC rides make a perfect eyecatcher. Due to their mobility they can operate anywhere. Besides they offer effective and functional branding space as well as a communication point for product information, sampling, consumer surveys or else.